Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Things to remember before choosing a free ats software

Applicant Tracking System or ats is an effective and easy technology to manage workplace flow in any recruitment effort. A free ats software is something that most companies look out for. Not only does it save thousands of money, but it also eliminates the fuss about implementation of added employees to perform the installation.


Advantage of having free ats software

To list down the various important and noteworthy criteria for choosing a free ats, usability and intuitiveness are the most important ones. Usability refers to the fact that any amateur employee or user may be able to use the free version of the software. Intuitiveness is something that refers to the complication on high levelness of that software. More complicated the programs lesser is the usability and intuitiveness of the software in use. 

Next comes time and duration of support and referential support from the service providers. It must be kept in mind that no matter how user friendly or intuitive software may be it is necessary to check for the backup support in case of any technical or link problems. Whenever a dispute occurs, the service providers must provide with support or technical help in order to combat the situation.


Performance and scope of the software

Scope for multiple channels for sourcing of the free ats software must be checked beforehand. Open sourcing is generally the free ats software and the paid ones need proper installation and expert guidance. This is again a cause of win for the free ats software over the bought ones which require much less fuss at the time of any update or development.
Any free ats software’s performance is judged or rated on the basis of the user experience. Its ability to keep information private and maintaining applicant confidentiality adds to the brownie points of any such software. Also, the ability of any of such technology to make the applicant tracking process simple also increases the number of companies hire these free ats software.


Free or paid software?

Determination of the ats needs of a particular company is extremely essential. Innumerable free and paid software’s are easily available in the market in accordance with the needs of various consultancies. Ats software may also be adapted according to the workflow or traffic of certain job advertisements.

Free ats recruiters help companies stay within their means and cut on or save on a lot of investment. They come in “in the cloud” or “software as a service” form which are highly economically feasible if not completely free of cost.


Things you should look before choosing an ats software

Other important criteria for choosing the most appropriate free ats system for your company or recruitment program is thorough comparison of all the available software with each other. For this you can always demand for an online demonstration, asking for testimonials of their other clients and even give an official visit to the ats software office in person.

The last but most vital criterion towards choice of the most appropriate free ats software for the best performance of your recruitment is to realize and convey what kind of a recruiter you are!

Saturday, 5 April 2014

How To Prepare For An Interview

Heaps of errors can potentially be avoided if you know how to prepare properly when applying for a job. It’s common to make mistakes when you’re feeling uneasy. However, with some pre-planning and practice you can pass the interview with ease. Here are some ideas to keep you focused and obtain that position of employment:

Getting Too Personal

You don't want your interview to look like this!
Don’t be too unprofessional during the interview. For example, telling your whole life story or ranting about your personal life in excess is inappropriate. Doing this can often make the person interviewing you uneasy or offend them. Try to stay on topic and answer the questions with an air of professionalism.

Not Reading The Signs

Every now and then the interviewer will try to help you out by dropping hints of what they want to hear from you. It’s crucial and in fact one of the best interview tips to notice these small signs, which can commonly be demonstrated in the form of specific question wording or subtleties in body language. The best way to respond to this is to consider what the employer might want to hear, and how they may hope to hear it.

For instance, a corporation such as a law firm or government facility is likely to want responses using the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) and a less professional workplace such as a cafe might desire a more informal situation for an interview. Just use your head, and if you have the resources find out from the company website or from employers who work there if they know which method is best. Often it pays to contact and question the person who is potentially hiring you and ask them what they would most like to hear.

Knowledge Is The Best Form Of Flattery

This could be you...if you show enthusiasm
To land the job you want, you need to show that you’re knowledgeable and are super keen on their business and values. Research the place before jumping into an interview with them. Workplaces take extra interest in you when you know small bits of information about them; it proves to them that you must really care about the job.

These points are just a few of the tips that can assist you to do your best in an job interview. Just remember to prepare, be attentive and when all else fails, use your instincts. Happy hunting!